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So Sure Bladder Control 340mm Pads (per box)

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So Sure Bladder Control Pads are designed to keep you dry and worry-free. Each pad has a super absorbent core that absorbs moisture, locks in wetness, and reduces odor. The pads also have elastic bands that keep them contoured to your body, allowing maximum comfort and secure fit against leakage. With discreet and flexible So Sure Bladder Control pads, you are free and in control.

Product Details

1.  Easy-stick and wide adhesive securely and smoothly hold the pad in place.

2. Blue acquisition layer absorbs urine fast and prevents leaks.

3. Elastic bands create a discreet, secure and comfortable fit.

4. A breathable clothlike back sheet

5. Super absorbent layer locks in wetness and reduces odor and bacteria.

6. 340 mm variant for a light amount of urine.